Meet the Team


The team has been working together since early 2017 from the BioDesign Innovation Melbourne, which then Curatek Pty Ltd was established in March, 2018.

Curatek is currently participating in the Australia’s MedTech Actuator accelerator program and backed by Artesian, one of Australia’s most reputable venture firms.


Lee Gibson
Co-Founder & CEO

Lee spent his early career an Officer in the Army leading soldiers. He holds a MEngSci in Project Management and an MBA from Melbourne Business School.

He has extensive experience in leading major projects in infrastructure and manufacturing.


Reagan Susanto
Co-Founder & COO

Reagan has a MEng in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Melbourne with experience in electronics and rapid prototyping.

Reagan has a qualification in New Ventures Leadership from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


Jason Chiang
Co-Founder & CTO

Jason is an engineer with MEng in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Melbourne.

Jason leads the product design and usability with his experience in design thinking and specialisation in human anatomy.

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